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Nine medals were won by UMMC sambo wrestlers at the Russian Championship

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Nine medals were won by UMMC sambo wrestlers at the Russian Championship

A total of nine awards of various denominations were won by the athletes of the UMMC CS (Verkhnyaya Pyshma) at the Russian Sambo Championship, the country's main national tournament, held in Orenburg. They have won one gold, three silver and five bronze medals.

The maximum result was achieved by Uali Kurzhev (up to 79 kg), who in a brilliant style won his next title of champion of Russia. He confidently moved along the tournament grid, and the final turned out to be especially striking, where Kurzhev actually defeated Askerbiy Gerbekov from Karachay-Cherkessia with only trips and sweeps ahead of schedule. By all accounts, this fight can be safely studied as a video tutorial, how clear and refined were the movements and techniques of the champion. At the same time, few people guessed that Kurzhev entered the decisive meeting with a broken rib.

This weight category turned out to be the most productive for the Upper Pyshminers. Bronze medals were awarded to Uali's twin brother Ali Kurzhev and Denis Sukhanov.

The fifth (!) in a row "silver" of the Russian championship is in the asset of Vladimir Gladkikh (up to 58 kg). And all these five times, Muscovite Sayan Hertek was his rival in the final. In their traditionally stubborn and tense duel, Vladimir lost with a minimum score of 0-1.

A silver medal went to the only representative of the beautiful half of humanity in our team - Anna Balashova (up to 80 kg). Anna started in such a way that at the preliminary stage it seemed as if she did not notice her rivals, so obvious was the superiority of the titled athlete. However, in the final, Balashova had a very hard time - there she ran into the resistance of a very skilled Zhanara Kusanova, besides the mistress of the carpet. The fight turned out to be absolutely equal, with mutual chances of winning, but in the end, Kusanova celebrated it with a minimal advantage of one point.

For the first time at the national championships, Ivan Panyukhin, winner of silver in the category up to 53 kg ... Debutant Danir Shamsutdinov won a bronze medal in this weight category. It is curious that two weeks ago Danir also received a "bronze", only at the youth championship of the country.

Finally, Danil Ponomarenko (up to 64 kg) and heavyweight Artur Khaptsev (98 + kg).

Note that the Russian championship of this year was for the first time held according to the new international FIAS sambo rules and in new weight categories. Its winners will have to go to the World Championships in November in Moscow, and the finalists to the European Championships in May in Limassol (Cyprus).

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