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An ammonium sulfate plant will be built on the basis of SUMZ

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An ammonium sulfate plant will be built on the basis of SUMZ

At the INNOPROM International Industrial Exhibition, UMMC CEO Andrey Kozitsyn and the head of Ultra Group LLC Andrey Bonch-Bruevich signed documents on the creation of a joint venture to implement a project for the production of ammonium sulfate on the basis of PJSC Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Plant (a metallurgical enterprise complex UMMC).

The joint venture is created with 50/50 equity participation. The estimated volume of investments is 5.7 billion rubles (excluding VAT). Design and construction are planned to be carried out within three years.

“The signed agreement demonstrates good inter-industry cooperation, which will be very effective and useful for both companies,” commented Andrey Bonch-Bruevich.

The decision to build a plant on the site of PJSC SUMZ is based on the optimal supply of raw materials, since it is planned to use 380 thousand tons of the company's own sulfuric acid.

“The source of raw materials for the enterprise will be sulfuric acid, which is available at SUMZ. Thus, the environmental problem is solved, and the Sverdlovsk region receives its own mineral fertilizers, "added UMMC General Director Andrey Kozitsyn.

After the reconstruction of the chemical and metallurgical complex at PJSC SUMZ, a new workshop was built to address environmental issues, which provides high quality sulfuric acid. It meets all the norms and requirements of the legislation for the production of fertilizers. At the moment, the sulfuric acid of PJSC SUMZ is used by the main producers of fertilizers in Russia, such as PhosAgro and EuroChem. This project enables more profitable sale of sulfuric acid of PJSC SUMZ.

The joint venture plans to produce 500 thousand tons per year of crystalline ammonium sulfate with a fraction of 1-4 mm. These products are in demand in the fertilizer market.

Coarse-crystalline ammonium sulfate is classified as a premium product. It is very popular in Europe where the use of inhibitors is especially common. The superiority is due to the large granule /crystal size, which makes the product suitable for mechanical distribution, and it is better suited for mixing with less segregation.

Large crystals have increased crush strength, which allows them to maintain size and shape with large transhipment during delivery to the end user and withstand application to the soil with rotary /disc fertilizer spreaders.


PJSC "Sredneuralsky Copper Smelting Plant" is one of the largest chemical and metallurgical complexes in the Middle Urals. SUMZ was put into operation on June 25, 1940. Main production: copper smelting shop, sulfuric acid shop, concentrating plant. The main types of products are blister copper, sulfuric acid and oleum.

Ultra Group (Ultramar Group) has vast experience in the production and sale of granular ammonium sulfate. Under the production is declared the process of compacting, where the raw material is ready-made fine crystalline ammonium sulfate produced by caprolactam enterprises (Kemerovo) and PhosAgro. Sales geography: USA, South America, Russia, Baltic. Sales volume is 150 thousand tons, which is 50.3% of the export of ammonium sulfate in Russia.

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