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Driving piles in Moscow and the region

Driving piles in Moscow and the region

Reinforced concrete driven piles are one of the most reliable foundation options for monolithic multi-storey residential and other facilities. Such supports are installed on solid layers of soil and have a high bearing capacity. Pile driving in Moscow is performed for any type of soil - loose sandy soils, fluid and plastic sandy loam and loam, hard and soft clays. It is taking into account the characteristics of the soil that piles of a certain length are selected - individual supports from 6 to 14 meters or composite - up to 28 meters.

Pile Driving Technology

The main functional purpose of the piles is to prevent the process of deformation of the foundation structure during the period of seasonal changes in the state of the soil (flooding, heaving). Reinforced concrete piles, regardless of their type, have the following characteristics:

  • can withstand heavy loads - on average 5 - 8 tons per element,
  • high crack resistance,
  • increased resistance to variable loads, including in difficult hydrogeological conditions.

Driving of supports is performed below the freezing point of the soil - the pile passes through unstable soil layers and reaches a solid layer, which guarantees the construction of a stable and safe foundation. The optimal time for installing piles is during the warm months of the year, when the soil is already completely thawed. Sometimes, if necessary, pile work is carried out when the soil freezes to a depth of no more than 1 meter.

The field stage of work at the site begins only after:

  • stage of engineering and geological surveys at the site,
  • trial pile driving, which allows you to analyze the compliance of the actual state of the soil and the support element with the design values,
  • making a technological map.

Pile driving is a laborious process involving special equipment. Pile-driving installations (machines) by type of movement are:

  • mobile (self-propelled) - wheelbase,
  • crawler-mounted - heavy, delivered to the site by other transport, but have a high performance.

Taking into account the characteristics of the soil and the length of the piles, a certain driving technology is selected:

  • percussion method - when pile deepening is performed by special pile drivers with a hammer Copra differ in power, usability and other parameters. Piling machines are equipped with a mechanical, hydraulic or diesel hammer;
  • leader drilling - piles are driven into holes specially drilled for them. This method significantly reduces the time spent on the process of installing the pile foundation, ensures the optimal safety of the supports and the compliance of the parameters of the depth of their installation with the design values. Also, it is the leader drilling that is used - for difficult types of soil, in cases of surface freezing of the soil, to reduce the vibration impact on neighboring buildings in conditions of dense urban development.

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