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Spring 2021 accessories - vitality and gentle presence

Spring 2021 accessories - vitality and gentle presence

A woman's good looks is often the result of a complex and lengthy process, and looking at others is controversial. In the end, it always happens that in the eyes of some, the main emphasis will be on clothes (for example, from the store of the brand KLERY ), while others will primarily pay attention to shoes, a bag and all carefully selected jewelry. This means only one thing - accessories really have to do with the overall image. It is also important to understand that in the wrong combination, they acquire the ability to spoil the chosen vision.

In the women's world, each new season serves as a barrier for mistakes. Therefore, this spring, like any other, a woman will want to show something new to demonstrate the right choice. And although the emerging trends in jewelry collections for 2021 do not predispose to mass purchases, there is always a so-called eternal benchmark, reminding that it is at the heart of all new trends. There are enough examples to prove that the brand is not the leader in choosing an accessory, but its contribution to the overall look.

Earrings are also easy to turn into the main and sufficient accent in the image. To complement an evening dress, which can be long and formal or short, a sexy disco-style dress and massive earrings will do. Most often they are a combination of different stones, which, however, requires ingenuity - if there are a lot of them and colorful, it is good that the clothes are contrasting, i.e. dress should be plain or simpler. By highlighting pairs of earrings that are different from each other, or earrings that are one piece, the fashion giants are giving spring 2021 a dose of weirdness and extravagance. They are characterized by ornament and /or minimalism. It is these combinations that make them especially suitable for all ladies who are not afraid to experiment.

For example, a necklace is a great choice that can complement almost any style of dress. The characteristic length of this year's jewelry, combined with graceful details - small pendants or differently shaped stones - can be the perfect choice for athletic and elegant people who love white shirts, tote bags and comfortable sneakers. Neck straps can be part of a more grunge look - T-shirts and shorts , and an element of romantic radiance - necklaces with all kinds of stones, flowers, pearls, selected in delicate colors. Unobtrusively, but distinctively, there are monochromatic and more massive necklaces that diversify any monochrome look.

Rings for everyone who wants to draw attention to art on their hands, especially if they have long been hidden under winter gloves. The influence of 2021 fashion makes this task extremely easy, creating a pattern of fused rings - those that go from finger to finger, creating a real masterpiece. Whether they form a continuous piece of art or are complementary pieces, the rings will definitely impress with their unique looks. Wearing them eliminates the need for other accessories around the arms and arms and creates sufficient sophistication.

Bracelets and their layers are also part of the new wave of fashion. The same or different; with stones or plastic, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that it should be massive, interesting, expressive, original. If the color of their presence is a distinctive feature of the outfit, then let it contrast with plain clothes. Ring bracelets are an interesting choice, smoothly transitioning from a beautiful wrist piece to a beautiful fingertip. Through them, fashion recalls a seemingly forgotten era, filled with romance and tenderness, but also euphemistically related to the boho style. This type of ornament will perfectly complement any spring look, provided that lace and loose fit are used.

Scarves are the perfect accessory to ease the transition between seasons such as winter and summer. It is noteworthy that the trends neatly distract attention from the traditional and freely flowing models on either side of the neck. This spring, scarves with hair and figs are in fashion, as well as light silk fabrics, decorated with a noticeable element in the middle - a flower, ribbon or brooch. For anyone who is wondering what can break a seemingly boring look, scarves are always the right choice.

Spring 2021 offers a multitude of accessory choices for women to add an extra dose of sophistication to themselves. Whether it is expressed with eccentric gloves or Victorian earrings is a matter of personal interpretation. The fact is that designers sometimes rely on seemingly crazy ideas that will rarely make a woman wear a tiara made of lemons simply because “flora and fauna are in fashion this year”. However, the other will be happy to wear jewelry on the face - an idea that creeps into makeup trends.

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