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Laser cutting of metals and alloys


This scheme allows you to cut metal not only in a rectilinear longitudinal or transverse direction, but also with radii.

Laser cutting of metals and alloys

The technology of processing sheet metal for the manufacture of final parts implies its preliminary cutting to use the resulting blanks in the further production process (for example, milling). Moslazer Company , thanks to its own laser equipment, offers its customers more:

  • Practical and fast in terms of execution.
  • Accurate and high quality, with the implementation of all dimensional parameters.

The technology of manufacturing products (orders) from sheet assortment of both ferrous metals and steels of various grades (including extra strong) or vice versa, non-ferrous (soft) alloys.

The main advantages of laser equipment

The unique properties of the laser beam to create a high point temperature rise (we are talking about thousands of degrees) in the place of its impact, have found the widest application in the metalworking production area. A modern professional machine tool (equipment) is:

  • A work table that allows you to install and securely fix standard metal sheets of any thickness.
  • Plasma torch (a kind of torch), which can perform autonomous movements (displacements) relative to the plane of the desktop in any direction by command from the CNC control.

This scheme allows you to cut the metal not only in a straight longitudinal or transverse direction, but also with radius curvatures. And also to burn through holes or cavities to a given depth.

It should also be borne in mind that exposure to a laser beam does not cause structural changes and dimensional deformations of the metal, which usually occur when the temperature rises during classical processing methods (cutting tools, gas or electric welding). The plane of the cut (seam), after passing through the laser, remains absolutely smooth and does not require additional processing (finishing milling, cleaning, grinding).

You can get more detailed information about this technology and order the manufacture of parts (products) using the official website of the company providing metal laser cutting services in Moscow using our own high-tech equipment. Orders are accepted on a contractual basis with a guarantee of compliance with the quality and fulfillment of the agreed terms of work.

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