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Explosion Proof Lighting Devices


An important parameter when choosing explosion-proof luminaires is their temperature class.

Explosion Proof Lighting Devices

General and fire safety requirements in places of storage, transportation, packing or processing of substances belonging to a higher explosive class, as well as fire hazard:

  • Gases and vapors of petrochemical products.
  • Highly flammable materials.
  • Increased concentration of dust from production halls, mines or warehouses.

Provides for the use of special lighting devices. Their technical parameters are regulated by the current GOST and supplemented with new values ​​for lighting devices based on LED lamps. All officially used explosion-proof luminaires are classified according to certain uniform criteria.

Marking of lighting fixtures

Almost all electrical equipment (including lamps) used in places with a high fire and explosive hazard class has a standard marking directly on the body. This is how the designations that may be present on the product are deciphered:

  • Classic International Explosive Protection Standard -
  • Luminaires have limited gas passage into the interior of the appliance -
  • Lighting fixtures that are not approved for use in mines with the possible formation of high concentrations of explosive dust or methane emissions - II.

Explosive luminaires can additionally have 11 types of markings, indicating a certain type of protection used, for example, oil sheath or non-sparking contacts, as well as the presence of armored glass.

Temperature class

An important parameter when choosing explosion-proof luminaires is their temperature class. An indicator that indicates the maximum temperature values ​​that occur directly on its body during operation:

T1 - from 450 C degrees.

T2 - from 300 to 450 C degrees.

T3 - from 200 to 300 C degrees.

Т4 - from 135 to 200 С degrees.

Т5 - from 100 to 135 С degrees.

T6 - from 85 to 100 C degrees.

Explosion-proof lighting devices that are optimal for specific technological tasks can be selected using the website of the company that supplies them from well-known manufacturers. All electrical equipment presented in the online catalog meets the GOST parameters and has certificates of conformity.

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