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Electric winch assemblies


KCD winches produced by well-known foreign developers

Electric winch assemblies

Mechanization of labor of warehouse workers allows you to increase the efficiency of their work, reduce the staff of loaders, and therefore significantly reduce current production costs. So, the simplest in its design electric winch , if used correctly, it can reduce the time of loading or unloading freight transport by several times. At the same time, the installation of this type of lifting equipment does not require major re-equipment of the premises and the hiring of a full-time crane operator. KCD winches produced by well-known foreign developers, supplied by Advanta-M Yekaterinburg, are ready-to-use units that require installation in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Complete set of KCD winches

When choosing a winch to perform certain production tasks, it is necessary to be guided by the mass of the load that will have to be moved using it. As well as the dimensions of the device itself, which depend on the carrying capacity. The design of KCD electric winches includes:

  • A drum, the axis of rotation of which is connected through a gearbox or directly to the rotor of an electric motor.
  • An electric motor of a certain power (some models can be connected to a household network with a voltage of 220 V).
  • Strong steel cable or chain, equipped with a hook.
  • The frame on which the units are located. Required to install the equipment in the desired location.

For safe operation, the winches are equipped with an emergency braking mechanism. The winch is controlled at a safe distance for the operator using a remote control panel. Without exception, all models of the KCD series winches are distinguished by high quality, simplicity of the device and a long service life.

You can get acquainted with the types of electric winches and their more complete technical characteristics using the official website of the Advanta-M Ekaterinburg company. For consultation on the resource, it is possible to contact the manager. All models presented on the pages of the online catalog are supplied to customers on contractual terms as soon as possible and with a guarantee of complete completeness and quality.

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