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Belarusian steel plant plans to double steel supplies to Africa


Last year, Zhlobin metallurgists shipped about 140 thousand tons of metal products to the African continent, and by the end of 2024 they intend to increase exports to this region to more than 200 thousand tons.

Belarusian steel plant plans to double steel supplies to Africa

BMZ plans to supply at least 200 thousand tons of steel to the countries of the African continent in 2024. The general director of the enterprise, Dmitry Korchik, told reporters about this after a meeting between the chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee Ivan Krupko and the plant staff.

“We have always been present on the African continent. Today, of course, there are certain difficulties with logistics and settlements. But already in the first quarter of this year we secured certain supplies of metal products. And the minimum figure for this year, which we are looking at, is 200 thousand tons of steel,” the general director of the enterprise announced the plans. ― “Last year we shipped about 140 thousand tons of products to the African continent. This year we are increasing supplies. They know our products there and are interested in our products.”

BMZ is constantly working on import substitution - through the development of new types of products.

“Last year alone we mastered more than 60 new types of products - new steel grades, new types of products, mainly for the automotive industry. Based on the results of last year, we increased the supply of our products to Belarus by more than 5% - to meet the needs of the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. Previously, similar products were imported from Europe and Ukraine. Today, in principle, we completely replace these types of products and provide for our consumers,” said Dmitry Korchik.

Last year, the company increased its supply to Russia.

“The main directions are construction, auto industry, mechanical engineering, oil production. By March, the enterprise reaches production of 220 thousand tons of steel per month. We have relevant contracts and orders for all production. All issues regarding the provision of raw materials and scrap metal have been resolved, and today a stock is even being formed. The company's economics are positive. We are improving production efficiency in order to fulfill all our social obligations,” concluded Dmitry Korchik.

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