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Minamaneho heard the reports of heads of several state-owned mines

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the proposals of the heads of state mines will be taken into account by the Ministry while preparing the concept of reforming the coal industry of Ukraine.

Minamaneho heard the reports of heads of several state-owned mines

On behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, November 19-22, Minamaneho the beginning of a series of working meetings with heads of the coal enterprises to discuss the issues of increasing the efficiency of the coal mining industry.

As reported in the press service of the Ministry on Tuesday evening, at the meeting were invited the heads of SE "SelidovUgol", GP "Moregroupware" SE "mine "Them.Surga" SE "mine "yuzhnodonbasskaya # 1", people's deputies of Ukraine, heads of relevant structural units of the Ministry, representatives of regional state administrations and trade unions.

Representatives of the mines reported on the current status and challenges of state-owned enterprises.

In particular, GP "mine "Them.Surga" working with profitability of more than 80 million since the beginning of the year. However, the Director said issues of taxation of profit of the mine.

GP "mine "yuzhnodonbasskaya # 1" was released on the balanced work after the settlement of the sale of coal products. The representative of the mine reported the need for repair of processing plant and mining equipment.

the Cost of coal production at one of the enterprises SE "SelidovUgol" has reached more than 60 000 hryvnia per ton of coal mined at its market value 2,500 hryvnia. Thanks to cooperation with a private investor, OP "mine 1/3 Novogrodovka" has reached stable performance.

In the mines OP "Ukraine", OP "Kotlyarevskaya" and OP "mine "Kurakhovskaya" coal has been mined in small volumes, these mines are unprofitable.

SE "of Moregroupware", OP "mine "Capital" is the cost of coal production more than 4,300 hryvnia per ton. The management of OP "mine 5/6" and OP "mine "Central" reported the loss of the mines and the need to develop a feasibility study of further operation.

the Importance of determining the future development of mines said Stanislav Kovalevsky:

"it is Necessary to consider the prospects for each coal company separately to ensure the sustainable development of energy sector of Ukraine, taking into account socio-economic aspects and the balance of the coal market".

Previously coalsalesthat Minamaneho the country begins reform of the coal industry, which will no longer loss-making enterprises. The Ministry will work submitted by the Directors of mines programs and proposals, which will then form the basis for the Concept of reforming the coal industry of Ukraine.

Elimination of unprofitable state mines was named a priority of the decree of the President Zelensky dated November 8, 2019 № 837 "On urgent measures to reform and strengthen the state." In particular, it is proposed that the preparatory activities and the privatization of promising coal mines and restructuring (conservation) unpromising coal mines.

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