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One of the leading mining enterprises in Ukraine announced the blocking of work

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Law enforcement officers in full gear and armed with automatic weapons arrived at the enterprise of Alexander Yaroslavsky.

One of the leading mining enterprises in Ukraine announced the blocking of work

The Sukha Balka mine (Kryvyi Rih, Dnepropetrovsk region), owned by Alexander Yaroslavsky's DCH group, announced on Friday that the operation of the enterprise was blocked by employees of the National Police of Ukraine, the Prosecutor's Office and the SBU.

According to a press release from Sukha Balka PrJSC, representatives of the National Police special unit, prosecutor's office and the SBU, disrupting the work process at the enterprise, actually blocked the operation of the mine.

The press release explains that the reason for the arrival of law enforcement officers was the determination of the investigating judge of the Central City Court of Krivoy Rog, which provided for the participation of the prosecutor and police investigator in investigative actions

According to the press service, the mine administration admitted all authorized participants in the process in accordance with the court's ruling and after providing the necessary documents. The company notes that law enforcement officers arrived in full gear with automatic weapons and decided to go down into the mine.

“The Sukha Balka mine is an enterprise that operates exclusively in the legal field. It employs about 3,000 people. The mask show arranged by the security forces actually blocked the work of one of the mines, which means it jeopardized the implementation of the production program. In turn, this may affect the timely shipment of products and payment of wages, ”said Vitaly Bash, CEO of Sukha Balka PJSC, quoted by the press service.

The top manager expressed the hope that “common sense will prevail, the work of the mine will be unlocked, and all investigative issues will take place exclusively in the legal plane.”

In turn, the head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) Mikhail Volynets posted on his Facebook page video with law enforcement officers entering into the administrative building of the mine, adding it with the comment: “This morning. PJSC "Sukha Balka", Kryvyi Rih. At an enterprise in whose territory the laws of Ukraine do not apply, where labor legislation is demonstratively violated, where only the administration has rights, and employees have only responsibilities - the morning begins with investigative and operational actions. ”

The Sukha Balka mine is one of the leading enterprises in the mining industry in Ukraine. Extracts iron ore underground. The mine includes the Yubileinaya mines and them. Frunze. The mine's capacity is about 3.1 million tons of salable ore per year. The mine employs about 3 thousand people.

The mine supplies ore to the Bogdanovskaya Concentrating and Agglomeration Plant (BOAF) of Pokrovskiy Mining and Concentrating Plant PJSC (PGOK, former Ordzhonikidze GOK, Dnepropetrovsk region), which, after a complex of preparatory measures, switched to the production of iron ore sinter instead of the previously produced the same equipment of manganese concentrate. After enrichment of the ore, the resulting iron ore sinter is supplied to the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant of the DCH Group.

In May, the enterprise produced 228.4 thousand tons of iron ore. At the end of 2020, Sukha Balka reduced the output of salable iron ore by 6.3% compared to 2019 - to 2.554 million tons.

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