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Uralvagonzavod began manufacturing a unique test bench

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Uralvagonzavod began manufacturing a unique test bench

Uralvagonzavod (part of the Concern UVZ is a part of the State Corporation Rostec) began manufacturing a stand for spatial life tests for parts of carriage building. It was designed by the company's specialists and is unique: there are no analogues developed in Russia for such a stand.

The loading of the tested parts on the stand, the frame height of which is 7 meters, can be carried out simultaneously in three mutually perpendicular directions: vertical and two horizontal in accordance with the new GOST. This completely simulates the location of a part, for example, a bolster beam or a side frame, in the car bogie structure, the payload on them, the force when the car is moving and cornering. In this case, the vertical loader operates with an effort of up to 140 ton-forces and a vibration frequency of up to 20 times per second. The horizontal load reaches 16 ton-forces with the same frequency of application. A special mechanism allows you to damp large vibrations, reduce the dynamic load on the foundation. An energy saving system is also provided.

Now in the shop of non-standardized equipment and means of mechanization No. 1, the manufacture of the frame, columns and other components of the future stand is being completed. To design a powerful foundation, the Tagiltransmashproekt institute, a subdivision of UVZ, was involved in the project. The construction and energy complex project is being implemented by specialists from the capital construction department, the repair and construction department and the department of the chief mechanic. The equipment installation will be carried out by the workers of the technological equipment repair shop. The stand will be operated by specialists from the Materials Research and Testing Center of Uralvagonzavod.

The lead developer of the stand is Nikita Soroka, head of the serial production equipment department of the design bureau for mechanization and production automation of Uralvagonzavod. This design bureau is engaged in the development of various non-standardized control, technological and test equipment required for the production of cars and special equipment. Soroka is a laureate of a scholarship from the President of the Russian Federation. During his work in the design bureau since 2014, he participated in the development of several large projects, such as a stand for testing and running-in a traction winch for special equipment, a car body tilter, a stand for checking and setting up a traction winch shutdown mechanism. With the project of the stand for spatial endurance tests, the specialist became the winner of the corporate competition "Innovative Idea", in which representatives of 13 enterprises of the integrated structure of UVZ took part.

“Uralvagonzavod always keeps up with the times, ensuring the development and implementation of modern technologies, modernization of production, launching new products on the market, improving the quality of our products. I am glad that our company employs talented designers - creative, ambitious, with out-of-the-box thinking, capable of performing the most difficult tasks. The management of the enterprise, in turn, gives them the opportunity to implement the most daring and promising ideas ", - said Yaroslav Rydlevsky, Deputy Chief Engineer of Uralvagonzavod for Car Building.

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