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Zaporizhstal puts into operation blast furnace No. 2


For the first time since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Zaporizhstal, a joint venture of Metinvest Group, is taking blast furnace No. 2 out of forced hot mothballing.

Zaporizhstal puts into operation blast furnace No. 2

Now Zaporizhstal's blast furnace shop will operate with three blast furnaces.

“Since March last year, blast furnace No. 2 has been in hot conservation mode. The launch of the blast furnace was preceded by thorough work to ensure production with sufficient volumes of raw materials. Today we have a solution that will allow us to increase production, at the same time, to increase deductions to state budgets and attract foreign exchange earnings to the national economy,” said Roman Slobodyanyuk, General Director of Zaporizhstal.

In April In 2022, after a period of hot conservation of production facilities, Zaporizhstal put into operation two blast furnaces - No. 3 and No. 4. During the period of forced hot conservation of BF-2, the specialists of the blast furnace shop and engineering services of Zaporizhstal carried out a comprehensive study, maintenance and repair of the main components of the blast furnace. In particular, a deep revision of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the blast furnace and its air heaters was carried out, a technical inspection and testing of the gas cleaning equipment of the blast furnace was carried out to ensure the reliability of the unit in accordance with the current environmental legislation.

At present, BF-2 is blown. The blast furnace will reach its planned production capacity already in the first ten days of April. With a complex of three blast furnaces, the daily output of the Zaporizhstal blast furnace shop will increase to 8,000 tons of pig iron.

Recall that blast furnace No. 2 was put into hot mothballing in March last year as part of the forced shutdown of the enterprise due to the aggravation of hostilities in the region.

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