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The Ministry of economic development of Ukraine has won a lawsuit against the Director of GP "Energostal"


In December of 2019, Director of SE "Energostal" Dmitriy Stalin was dismissed, but disagreed with the decision of the Ministry, returned to the company.

The Ministry of economic development of Ukraine has won a lawsuit against the Director of GP "Energostal"

Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture will continue to dismiss heads of the state enterprises that are corrupt or ineffective, and will if necessary, to defend such decisions in court. This was stated by the press service of the Ministry after the decision of the Kyiv district court of Kharkiv on the legality of the appointment of the new head of the state enterprise "Energostal" Basil Balbi.

the Decision of 27.12.2019 the court reversed its previous decision to reinstate dismissed leader Dmitry Stalin as head of state-owned enterprises.

"it is Important that the court sided with the state in the case of the scandalous self-nominations previously stated by me ex-Director of SE "Energostal" Stalinist. The court at the second attempt still gave the opportunity to appoint new leadership in this strategic venture" - said the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov.

in addition to the unauthorized renewal, that is already the subject of separate criminal proceedings, the former head of the company hid debt on salary payment to workers by 30 million and were leased to area businesses at low prices, the Ministry said.

"We will continue to change the heads of state enterprises, which are corrupt and inefficient. In each case we intend to deal separately to develop important for the country's companies. We are ready to accept and defend all the just solution to overcome corruption in the country", - commented on the future policy in respect of the heads of state enterprises Tymofiy mylovanov.

in addition, the Ministry will closely examine possible violations, which, except for the leaders of these companies, involved third parties and take all possible measures to bring them to justice.

"We will not be tolerant in a situation when officials instead of working for his country, resorted to conspiracies and cover each other", - said the Minister.

the date website SE "Energostal", Director General specified Stalinist Dmitry Vitalievich.

SE "Energostal" is included into the State register of scientific institutions, which receive state support.

Company engaged in the design built, reconstructed and technically peronamalik of existing enterprises and industrial objects of mining-metallurgical complex, machine building and other industries, create new industries, technologies and processes, industrial ecology, energy saving, cooling of metallurgical units, utilization of secondary resources, metal products finishing, disposal of industrial and domestic waste, the implementation of the main provisions of the Kyoto Protocol in the basic industries.

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