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DTEK joined the European initiative on transition to hydrogen fuel

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the Holding company of Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov will take part in the development of projects aimed at the decarbonization of energy.

DTEK joined the European initiative on transition to hydrogen fuel
Фото: Директор по инновациям ДТЭК Эмануэле Вольпе

DTEK became the first company in Ukraine, which entered the Hydrogen Association of Europe, bringing together the leaders in the application of hydrogen technologies in Europe. According to the Director of innovation DTEK Emanuele Volpe, this membership will enable the company to build direct contacts with international partners interested in the development of hydrogen economy in Ukraine and around the world.

"and the European local energy system transformirovalsya. Renewable energy sources are a greater strain on the existing network, and carbon energy ceases to be sustainable environmentally and economically. The use of hydrogen opens up opportunities for the decarbonization of the key sectors of the economy, as well as to build a new economy and create more jobs," said Director of innovation Emanuele Volpe.

He stressed that the search for new technologies and innovative solutions for transforming the Ukrainian energy sector, development of competitive market and the independence of the country is one of the priorities of DTEK.

"Membership in Hydrogen Europe will broadcast the innovative interests of the company both in Ukrainian and international communities. We will be able to study key areas in the formation of a regulatory framework European countries, hydrogen will get direct access to the list of the most promising international students, who will master practical experience in the implementation of projects aimed at the decarbonization of energy", - said E. Volpe.

According to him, the importance of joining DTEK Association Hydrogen of Europe lies in the fact that this week the European Commission presented its strategy for the use of hydrogen, which it considers one of the most important sources of energy in the transition to carbon-free economy. "Ukraine must become an active partner of Europe on the path to decarbonization," said E. Volpe.

He recalled that in 2020, DTEK created a team to study the possibilities of application of hydrogen in the economy of Ukraine. At the moment we are developing an in-depth feasibility study for the cases of hydrogen application in transport, energy and industry.

Director of innovation also announced that in the next couple of years, DTEK plans to organize a pilot project using hydrogen for the further development of technology in the company and Ukraine as a whole.

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