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BMW unveils fully recyclable electric vehicle concept

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The new i Vision Circular electric car is 100% recyclable, including the innovative ultra-high-density battery.

BMW unveils fully recyclable electric vehicle concept
Фото: BMW

At the Munich International Motor Show, the German concern BMW unveiled a fully recyclable electric vehicle concept called the i Vision Circular. The electric car will be made from completely "green" materials: for example, body parts will be made from recycled plastic and aluminum, and tires - from natural rubber, grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

“The car has been developed in accordance with the principles of a circular economy across the board and therefore symbolizes the ambitious plan of the BMW Group to become the world's most sustainable manufacturer in the area of ​​premium individual mobility,” the automaker said.

The main goal of the BMW designers was to create a car that was optimized for closed material cycles and that was 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. The same goes for the energy store: the solid-state battery in the BMW i Vision Circular is 100% recyclable and almost entirely made from materials obtained from the recycling cycle.

The electric car reaches almost 4 meters in length, and the interior of i Vision Circular will be 3D printed, which will eliminate a large number of small elements and reduce the use of glue.

Pure types of joints such as cords, buttons and fasteners will be used to join materials. Many components of the electric vehicle will receive quick-release fasteners and can be dismantled with just one tool. Easily detachable connections make it much easier for users to replace individual materials and components, allowing them to continue restyling the vehicle.

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