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Applications of bag filters


Chemically resistant materials help to fight against possible additional negative factors of daily use.

Applications of bag filters

For effective cleaning of large volumes of air with dust content, special filtering devices are used. Due to the relative simplicity and reliability during operation Buying bag filters for a dusty production facility would be a wise decision. The retention of small particles will allow for the better influence on the environmental situation around the plant.

Recommendations for use

The construction of the filter is quite simple. The steel body is sized according to the production facilities of the enterprise. The filter sleeves located inside are connected to the outlet ducts of ventilation systems. Filters have proven themselves particularly well in the following areas:

  1. Manufacture and processing of rubber and polymer products.
  2. Pharmaceuticals and chemical industry.
  3. Production and filling of liquid and powder paints and varnishes.
  4. Asphalt, perlite and concrete plants.
  5. Extraction, crushing and packaging of natural minerals.

Important: bag filters can also be used in agricultural environments. To contain small particles of dust and debris coming from the ventilation openings of chicken coops and farms with animals.

What are the tasks of the filtration unit

Relative compactness of equipment and high protection against dust allows the use of the hoses in the most difficult operating conditions. The large area of ​​the filter elements guarantees the supply of large air volumes without interruption. Uniform dust load, the main advantage of the equipment. The basic principles of work include the following factors:

- air mixed with dust is taken into a special receiver;

- suspended particles settle on the bags of filter elements;

- clean air escapes without dusting a large area.

Important: for the smooth operation of the installation, periodic cleaning of the hoses is required. Only in this case the throughput of the equipment will remain at the proper level.

As practice has shown, bag filters for air purification have proven themselves only from the good side. When calculated correctly, the equipment will cope with all the loads. Require only test cleaning, and do not need regular repairs. Chemically resistant materials help to fight against possible additional negative factors of daily use.

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