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Honda suspends UK production

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The Japanese company has accused British ports of constant delays in cargo handling and plans to switch to air delivery of parts.

Honda suspends UK production

Japanese automaker Honda has suspended production in the UK indefinitely, citing a shortage of parts due to delays in port handling.

The auto giant said it is considering other delivery mechanisms such as air travel.

Congestion at UK container ports has escalated in recent weeks as companies ramped up orders after an initial lockdown from the pandemic, while some attempted to stockpile goods before the end of the Brexit transition.

Problems in UK container ports have been piling up for weeks. Business complained that ship parties were delayed or even ended up on the wrong side of the channel.

The transshipment in the ports of England is now so great that some shipping companies have limited the amount of cargo they bring into the UK. Some consignments are reported to have been unloaded at mainland ports such as Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.

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