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Corum Group presented a modern mining mechanized complex

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The largest manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine showed a complete set of mining equipment used to extract and transport coal from longwall.

Corum Group presented a modern mining mechanized complex

A presentation of the second mechanized complex took place at the Corum Svet Shakhtyora plant. The mechanized downhole complex is a complete set of mining equipment, with the help of which coal is extracted and transported from the longwall, ensuring high equipment productivity and meeting the production targets.

The longwall complex includes a KDK500 shearer, a SPTs230 face scraper conveyor with a length of 285 m, a SPTs230 scraper conveyor, as well as a 3KD90TS powered support system.

- Presenting our second mechanized complex on the day of quality is especially significant for me, - comments Mikhail Potapov, acting CEO of Corum Group. - I am sure that this complex will set new records. In the face of a pandemic and restrictions, we mobilized all our forces and timely prepared the complex for delivery. The transfer took place online. Every day we prove to ourselves and the whole world that Ukraine can produce modern and demanded equipment of the highest quality and level. I am grateful to the Corum team for their work.

When designing the KDK500 shearer, Corum engineers increased its power-to-weight ratio and introduced a system for diagnostics and monitoring the condition of the main units, which is displayed. The harvester will be able to operate in a wide range of thickness (thickness) of the coal seam - 1.4–3.2 m. KDK500 is one of the most demanded models by miners in the Corum shearer line.

Powered roof support 3KD90TS as part of a longwall complex is of a special design, with an increased bearing capacity, designed for an unstable and heavy roof with structural disturbances.

- The 3KD90TS support is designed to work on coal seams from 1.4 to 2.4 meters, - says Tatyana Kalugina, director of Corum DrMZ. - High-strength steels are used in the production of lining. The choice and application of a steel grade is determined based on the requirements for structural strength, customer requirements in accordance with the standards GOST 31561-2012 and European standard EN1804. The production of "Corum DrMZ" complies with European standards, which is confirmed by the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. I am proud of our company and our plant: we carry out the most difficult orders, have earned trust, and develop production. For Corum DrMZ, large orders, such as roof supports, are stable work. This is stability for employees, their families, cities and communities.

The first mechanized complex allowed our client to increase productivity and reduce the accident rate of equipment, producing up to 10 thousand tons of coal per day, and in 2019 to reach a record: miners produced 2.5 million tons of coal and fulfilled the plan 2 months earlier term. The second longwall complex, which Corum is presenting, will provide an opportunity to extract even more coal to achieve the country's energy independence.

- The equipment included in the complex is manufactured using special wear-resistant steels and equipped with the most modern components from European manufacturers. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, design solutions and the professional team of Corum Group, we are able to develop and manufacture modern-level complexes that are in demand and are adequately represented on the market. Today Corum Svet Shakhtyora successfully operates and continues to develop. We introduce innovations and receive new orders, which ensures a 100% workload of personnel, which means jobs, stability of the region and confidence in the future of the entire team and their families, ”says Alexander Kovalchuk, director of the Corum Svet Shakhtyora plant.

Corum Group is confidently developing, mastering the release of new products and aiming at large orders. Miners receive efficient equipment, employees of the enterprise - a stable salary and social package, opportunities for professional growth.

Mining equipment of Corum Group is in growing demand in foreign markets, due to which the share of export supplies is increasing from year to year. Corum equipment operates in 15 countries around the world.

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Corum Group is part of the energy company DTEK Energo. Corum Group is the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine.

Corum Group unites machine-building assets of DTEK Energy, and these are enterprises in Kharkiv, Druzhkovka and Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Corum Shakhtspetsstroy, service companies Corum Source and Corum Repair, as well as foreign trade companies and representative offices. The key clients of the company are 14 largest mining holdings, whose assets include 150 mines and open pits. Corum Group equipment operates in mining enterprises in 15 countries of the world.

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