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Ford will produce 50,000 ventilators in 100 days

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the American automaker has dogovorilsya with GE Healthcare, which has a license for production of highly productive devices of artificial ventilation of lungs.

Ford will produce 50,000 ventilators in 100 days

Automotive plans to build 50 000 ordinary artificial lung ventilation (ALV) for patients infected with coronavirus within 100 days and plans to continue to produce them for 30 000 a month after that, announced in Ford.

Company, founded in the beginning of the last century, Henry Ford said it will produce medical devices at its plant components Rawsonville in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The plant will employ 500 members of the trade Union of auto workers who volunteered to work on the project.

ventilator Airon AE Model, which will produce Ford, runs only on air pressure and requires no electricity. Currently Airon produces three respirator a day at its plant in Melbourne, Florida. The Ford plant will work around the clock with three shifts of workers and will produce 7 200 devices per week.

Other automakers have also promised to help in the production of the ventilator on a large scale. General Motors (GM) has partnered with another manufacturer Ventec Life Systems, to help increase the production of Ventec. Tesla CEO (TXLZF) Elon Musk said he plans to make the fans at the Tesla factory in Buffalo, although the company did not share details about this job.

Several other companies, including Dyson in the United Kingdom are also developing new fans and promise to help traditional medical device manufacturers to increase production.

Monday Virgin Orbit has announced that it also plans to release a fanless design, making it one of the first aerospace companies to establish manufacturing a ventilator. The California startup said it is working with UCI Health, a research hospital in California and the University of Texas in Austin, on a prototype of the so-called "bridge" fan is a simple device that, according to the company, can be produced in large scale.

Kevin Torrent engineer who usually works on the design of the rocket engine, is spearheading the production IVL Virgin from Orbit. He said that if the next few days the project of the bridge fan will receive the approval of Management on control over products and medicines for its design, soon Virgin Orbit can begin to produce hundreds or thousands of fans a week at its plant in Los Angeles. The company also plans to share the draft with other fans manufacturers in aerospace and other industries, which can begin production.

Overhead fans can be used to treat some of the less critically ill patients Covid-19 to release more sophisticated fans for those in dire need, said Virgin Orbit.

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