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In 2020, Metinvest invested about UAH 8 billion in the development of Kryvyi Rih enterprises


Among the projects for the development of enterprises are the renewal of mining equipment, the modernization of production, improvement of working and living conditions of employees.

In 2020, Metinvest invested about UAH 8 billion in the development of Kryvyi Rih enterprises

This year, Metinvest has implemented large-scale projects at the North, Central, Ingulets GOKs, and the Metinvest-KRMZ plant. Enterprise development projects include upgrading mining equipment, modernizing production, improving working and living conditions for employees.

Nine new 12-cc excavators were purchased in the quarries of the Kryvyi Rih mining and processing plants. They load the dump truck bucket in six minutes, and in a day they can load about five thousand cubic meters of rock mass. Modern excavators are convenient in operation - they are equipped with modernized mechanics, an automated control system with programs for timely diagnostics and control. Also, two Epiroc drilling rigs were purchased for mining operations in the Ingulets quarry, and five 130-ton BelAZ dump trucks and three bulldozers - PR 764 Litronic and two CaterpillarD9R - were purchased for Central GOK.

In 2020, for the comfortable transportation of GOK employees, eight modern IVECO shift vehicles were purchased. In addition, seven comfortable MAZ-203 buses were delivered to Severny GOK, which deliver and deliver employees of the enterprise from all over Krivoy Rog and the city of Zheltye Vody.

The departmental fire department of SevGOK received a unique vehicle for work in emergencies of a man-made and natural nature. This is the first and only vehicle in Ukraine with a universal configuration based on Renault Trucks. The equipment is 100% original and developed for all the needs of firefighters and rescuers of the enterprise.

The year has become a landmark for the Central GOK. Here the project of modernization of equipment at the concentrator was completed, allowing the plant to be the first in Ukraine to start production of concentrate with an iron content of 70.5%. This concentrate becomes a raw material for high-margin pellets, which are also suitable for blast-free steel making using direct reduction iron (DRI) technology. To do this, the factory installed Derrick high-frequency screens, magnetic double-drum separators, Multotec hydrocyclones, pumping units, transformer substations, magnetic deslimers, innovative ceramic filters KDF-90. All this works under the control of an automated system from Siemens.

At InGOK in 2020, a large-scale program was launched to replace the pumping fleet of Ore Processing Plant No. 1. 40 new mechanisms have been installed here, and the plans for the next year are to install the same.

ROF-1 of Severny GOK also continues a large-scale modernization of technological equipment. Five new vacuum filters, six vacuum pumps and an electric motor for pump No. 7 have already been commissioned here. This year, 24 magnetic separators and five ball mills were installed in the separation area. In general, by the end of 2021, it is planned to replace 100 separators and 8 mills. The equipment was also modernized at the screening areas of the roasting machines of the pellet production workshop No. 2. Here we installed screens for fired pellets. On the roasting machines LURGI 552 A and B, they also installed conveyor equipment and scales, restored the main technological equipment of the return loading building (fines), and repaired the existing building structures.

Metinvest-KRMZ purchased a HFC hardening complex in the mechanical assembly shop, which will increase the surface resistance of the plant's products. Then these parts are used by Kryvyi Rih GOKs as spare parts for equipment. The 1A660 screw-cutting lathe was also repaired here, restoring its technological accuracy. A stationary spectrometer was purchased at the Central Plant Laboratory to determine the content of elements, including carbon, sulfur and phosphorus in steels, high-alloy alloys, cast irons and non-ferrous metals.

The companies are implementing a number of energy efficient projects. So at the Northern and Central Combines, together with YASNOEfficiency, they modernized the lighting at the factories. In addition to saving on energy resources, these projects have increased the illumination of the work areas, thereby improving the working conditions for the employees of the enterprises. Also as part of an energy service contract with YASNOEfficiency in December 2020 at the mine. Ordzhonikidze Central GOK installed new compressors with an automatic control system, which save 38% of energy for the operation of pneumatic equipment.

“This year, the whole world has faced difficult challenges - crises in industry markets, the coronavirus pandemic. Metinvest employees also learned to work in new conditions. However, we coped with the tasks set, first of all, thanks to the unity in our large team of professionals, well-coordinated work and mutual respect in the teams. We continue to improve the quality of our products, update equipment and machinery, take care of employees, improve working conditions - we understand the importance of common goals and continue to work to achieve them, ”said Dmitry Shevchik, General Director of the Central GOK.

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