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ThyssenKrupp Steel stops Hüttenheim plate mill

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The metallurgical company said that it was economically inexpedient to produce heavy-plate steel in Germany, and there were no buyers for the plant.

ThyssenKrupp Steel stops Hüttenheim plate mill

Today, the last shift of metallurgists completed a rolling mill shutdown at the ThyssenKrupp Steel in Duisburg-Hüttenheim. The final shutdown of the entire plant will take place on September 30th. Until then, the remaining stock of finished goods will be sold to customers.

As part of the 20-30 Steel Strategy, ThyssenKrupp Steel decided to abandon the plant as there was no prospect of making heavy plate production in Germany economically viable. It was also not possible to find a buyer for the business.

As a result, the German concern decided to focus on high-quality steels for the automotive industry, as well as rolled steel for the electromobility and packaging industry.

ThyssenKrupp Steel said that of the approximately 800 employees of the shutdown plant, 90 percent will find new jobs in the north of Duisburg or at other ThyssenKrupp Steel sites. Other employees may leave the company under the partial retirement rules.

The hot strip cut to length line at the Antwerp plant has been excluded from shutdown. This means that high-strength and wear-resistant strips, for example for trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, remain in ThyssenKrupp Steel's portfolio.

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