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UK will face shortage of fresh food in the coming days


If nothing changes, the British will face a shortage of lettuce, certain types of vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli and citrus fruits in the coming days - all imported from the continent at this time of year.

UK will face shortage of fresh food in the coming days
Фото: Пустые полки в отделах с фруктами и овощами в торговом центре Asda в Уондсворте, Лондон

UK supermarkets warned on Monday that stocks of fresh produce such as lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli will be depleted in the coming days if border delays continue, but urged shoppers to avoid panic shopping until Christmas. reported in the Financial Times.

UK chain stores say they are in talks with suppliers to find alternatives, where possible, with some carriers that are diverted to other ports. This also includes importing some products directly from Spain and increasing stocks from Holland.

Supermarkets have called on the government to create green stripes for all fresh produce to reduce the accumulation of perishable food at logistics collection points.

UK retailers have stocked up ahead of Christmas, which should stave off some problems, but if the French border is closed for an extended period, there will be food problems as the UK steps in in the final weeks before its final exit from the EU.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reported at a special press conference that delays in food supplies affect only about 20% of the total cargo from continental Europe.

He tried to reassure the public about food supply by stating, “British supermarkets say supply chains are strong and reliable.

Previously it was reported that the UK government has recommended stores and supermarkets to stock up on food. However, this warning was made on the basis of possible problems in logistics in the event of a country leaving the European Union without a deal. The closure of borders by neighboring states due to the outbreak of the mutated coronavirus in London could not have been foreseen.

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