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Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant renews its fleet of loaders

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In total, in 2020, the company will purchase 4 new HL770-9S loaders from the South Korean company Hyundai.

Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant renews its fleet of loaders

According to the investment program of the Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant, in 2020, the renewal of fixed assets is envisaged, namely the acquisition of 4 Hyundai HL770-9S loaders.

These are front-end single-bucket wheel loaders. They are characterized by an increased operating weight - 22,500 kg, the presence of a more efficient motor (speed up to 38 km /h and power 284 hp (208.08 kW) at 2000 rpm), the use of a bucket with a capacity of 5 cubic meters in the base. This is exactly the volume that allows you to meet the technical conditions for loading ore. This front loader is quite suitable for the enterprise's technologies: preparation, homogenization and loading of ore into gondola cars. The new equipment will operate at the cargo areas of the Ternovskaya, Gvardeyskaya, Oktyabrskaya and Rodina mines. Now it will be operated along with the EKG-5A excavators.

The head of the department, Alexander Britvin, notes that they approached such an important step in advance and prepared the personnel. On the basis of the training center of the combine, courses for loader drivers were organized for excavator drivers, now they have certificates for the right to drive this machine.

Since October 23, the first Hyundai loader has been put into operation, which operates at the ore warehouse of the Gvardeyskaya mine. On this day, with the participation of the UZT administration and workers, a meeting was held with representatives of the company "Alfatech" from the supplier. They told how to use the new equipment and answered all the workers' questions, they will directly operate the machine. In addition, technical training took place, during which each of the workers performed technological operations with their own hands.

Also, courses for several forklift drivers have begun, the completion of which will allow them to go on a public road, that is, they will be able to move from one structural unit to another if necessary. The training will last at DNEPRAGROTECHSERVICE in two stages, since the operation of such a machine requires category E2.

The next two loaders are now undergoing an expert examination, after which they will be registered at the administrative services center in Dnipro, and in the near future the railway workers will be able to operate them at the ore warehouses of the Ternovskaya and Rodina mines. The fourth loader of the Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Plant is expected at the end of the year.

Alexander Semenovich adds that the new technology will improve the working conditions of employees, because it is equipped with a comfortable cab, a durable chassis, has improved thermal insulation, an interior heater, a pre-heater, as well as optional heater systems for the driver's seat and side mirrors. The driver's workplace is characterized by a European level of ergonomics with convenient control access.

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