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Oilmen from Uzbekistan assessed Intrpipe pipes

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Ukrainian-made pipes with premium sleeveless UPJ-F connection are successfully operated in Uzbekistan.

Oilmen from Uzbekistan assessed Intrpipe pipes

The industrial company of Victor Pinchuk "Interpipe" increases the volume of deliveries of premium products and expands the list of countries where they are used.

At the beginning of the year, the company supplied pipes with a sleeveless joint of its own design UPJ-F to its permanent partner, Uzbekneftegaz. In the second quarter, such casing pipes of two diameters - 139.7 and 193.7 mm were successfully run, the products demonstrated high performance characteristics and received positive feedback from the client, the Interpipe press service noted.

“Ukrainian pipes with UPJ-F are used to produce gas in difficult geological conditions. The absence of a collar makes it easier to run pipes in wells with a complex profile or in horizontal sections. Such a connection expands the capabilities of clients in the field of well completion, accelerates drilling and guarantees the highest level of gas tightness, ”the statement says.

UPJ-F is a sleeveless connection, that is, the sleeve part of the thread is cut on the inside of the pipe body. The absence of a coupling allows the use of products with such a thread when running the string into a well with a reduced borehole diameter, for example, in the last part of the production string of deep wells.

Interpipe certified its own premium sleeveless connection Interpipe UPJ-F for compliance with the international standard ISO 13679 CAL IV (Connection Application Level) in May 2019. In general, it took the company about a year to develop, master, test and certify a new product. This is the second premium connection with the highest level of gas tightness developed by Interpipe. Earlier, the UPJ-M (Ukrainian Premium Joint) coupling was mastered.

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