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The Swedish company repaired a mine loader of the Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant

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Sandvik has successfully completed the refurbishment of a LH409E mine loader for Zaporozhye Iron Ore Plant.

The Swedish company repaired a mine loader of the Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant

Sandvik specialists have overhauled the LH409E LHD, which is in operation at the Zaporozhye Iron Ore Plant (ZZHRK PJSC), one of the largest enterprises in the mining and metallurgical complex in Ukraine. The loader is now continuing to operate at the mine, demonstrating the performance and performance of the new machine.

Sandvik service engineers performed a full range of repairs, from rebuilding all key components, frame and load-bearing elements, to paintwork, to final assembly and adjustment of the loader.

The customer handed over the car for repair this spring, after which it was completely disassembled and

is prepared for recovery. The frame and load-bearing elements were sandblasted, and the seats and holes of the machine's pivot joints were restored to factory parameters by surfacing and boring. In this case, irrelevant damaged components that could not be repaired were re-manufactured. Transmission units, including the checkpoint and bridges, have also undergone major repairs.

The electrical part of the loader was not left unattended, having carried out a complete revision of the control cabinet, dashboard and road starter with the replacement of all necessary components. The final stages were the repair of hydraulics, qualified assembly, as well as the installation of electrical equipment and protective systems. In accordance with safety regulations, the remanufactured LH409E was marked with warning signs and hazardous areas. Before lowering the equipment into the mine at the test site, in the presence of representatives of PJSC ZZHRK, Sandvik service engineers installed the bucket, carried out the necessary adjustment work and tested all the main loader systems.

“We are satisfied with the quality of the overhaul. Sandvik has demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The machine looks and works like new, while we are calm for the safety of the operators, because before the first shift the LH409E loader has successfully passed all the necessary tests "- commented Andrey Viktorovich Karnaukh, Technical Director of Zaporizhzhya Iron Ore Plant PJSC.

In turn, the General Director of the Enterprise with 100% foreign investments "Sandvik" in Ukraine Alexander Demchenko, noted:

“Overhaul of mining equipment is gaining momentum all over the world and is becoming a common practice. And there are several reasons for this: faster return on investment, complete recovery of equipment specifications, new machine performance, safety in line with Sandvik standards. We support this trend by offering our customers lucrative mining recovery programs. We guarantee each repaired machine as if it were new, and mining workers can count on productive and safe operation in accordance with the latest world standards. ”

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