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Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant spoke about new types of mastered metal products

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Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant continues to create an efficient production environment based on the principles of efficiency, environmental friendliness, science intensity and energy conservation. Mastering new types of metal products, the company conquers new sales markets, creating a basis for further development.

Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant spoke about new types of mastered metal products

As part of expanding the range of products, as well as increasing the types of metal processing, ZMZ LLC launched a LOESER grinding complex at the plant. The main areas of application of LOESER equipment are grinding and polishing of the outer surface of round and shaped pipes, round bars in the size range from 50 to 200 mm. The launch of a LOESER belt grinder from Germany is due to the resumption of cooperation with the Volzhsky Pipe Plant in April 2021. For this partner, the machine produces a pipe billet from steel grade 08X18H10T with additional processing, with increased surface quality and requirements for surface roughness R a no more than 5 microns. The technological operation is carried out automatically on a 4-station grinding machine and ensures the removal of surface defects of workpieces with a diameter of up to 200 mm. The belt grinding method achieves metal removal up to 1.2 mm in diameter with a corresponding improvement in the surface geometry.

In May 2021, the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant began cooperation with the Obukhov Plant in St. Petersburg and accepted an order for the production of steel grade DI52-VD. It is a corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant grade. It is used for the production of pipes, long products (sheets, strips, rods) and forgings used for the manufacture of equipment parts for power and heavy engineering. The initial metal is smelted in the ESPTs-2, after which the steel is remelted in the vacuum-arc furnaces of the ESPTs-3, and only after that it goes to the rolling stock. The profile assortment for this brand includes more than 25 profiles from a circle of 22 mm to a circle of 180 mm inclusive, as well as a slab blank for rolling on sheet rolling mills.

ZMZ LLC has successfully closed orders in April and continues to fulfill the plan for May for the production of EP836-VD steel. This type of product is used for the manufacture of parts for special equipment, as well as equipment and parts for the oil and gas, chemical and aerospace industries. Steel belongs to the category of maraging, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant steels. A high level of mechanical properties, increased purity for non-metallic inclusions determine the complexity of production. At the moment, the plant is fulfilling an order for JSC Leningrad Mechanical Plant named after K. Liebknecht "in the city of St. Petersburg.

This is only a small, but very important part of the products that metallurgists manufacture in April and May 2021. The resulting rolled metal has successfully passed all tests, including ultrasonic testing, and was found to be in compliance with standards and regulations. The plant has once again coped with a responsible production task and continues to confidently move forward.

Today, the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant is one of the largest enterprises in the world in the production of high-quality steels and alloys, in the volume of production capacities intended for the production of high-quality and special metal, in the variety of grades and profile assortments and in the composition of equipment for the main processing. The products of ZMZ LLC are used in almost all industries. Quality development is important for us: a balanced production policy and competent diversification of the plant's activities. In addition to expanding the product line, we launched several more promising areas, starting from the needs of the market. At present we are completing the development of production for the brands EP708VD, 3X2V8F, Kh12MF, and we are also developing a technology for the manufacture of EP199VD, EP109VD heat-resistant alloys with increased wear resistance. These are interesting tasks that are important for the industrial complex of our country and they are up to the Zlatoust metallurgists.

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