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The Bogdan Motors team appealed to the People's Deputies of Ukraine

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Employees of the automobile company demanded that the Verkhovna Rada accelerate the adoption of the draft Law of Ukraine No. 3739 on the localization of engineering products.

The Bogdan Motors team appealed to the People's Deputies of Ukraine

The labor collective of the subsidiary company "Automobile Assembly Plant No. 1" of the Public Joint Stock Company "Automobile Company" Bogdan Motors "has addressed a letter to the people's deputies, the main thesis of which is an appeal for support of the draft Law of Ukraine No. 3739" On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine " On public procurement "to create prerequisites for sustainable development and modernization of domestic industry".

The draft law provides for the improvement of the public procurement procedure by establishing mandatory requirements for the localization of production. Thus, in addition to taking into account the price criterion and the product life cycle, it is envisaged to introduce the mandatory presence of localization in the subject of purchase with an appropriate degree of localization.

Bogdan Motors said that the introduction of localization criteria for government purchases of mechanical engineering products is an extremely important and positive factor for the development of the domestic market and creating demand through government orders for domestic engineering products.

“Our company is one of the leading Ukrainian engineering enterprises. During its existence, as an enterprise for the production of buses, trolley buses and electric buses "Bogdan", thousands of vehicles of various models and modifications rolled off the conveyors, which can be found on routes even in the most remote corners of our country, as well as in Poland, Moldova, Georgia , Czech Republic and others. We manufacture products that meet all the requirements of international standards adopted in Ukraine and are able to meet the maximum needs of consumers.

The main priorities of our work are to improve the quality of products, increase their reliability, develop and master new models of buses, trolley buses and electric buses. Therefore, the renewal of the rolling stock of road transport for all types of transportation at the expense of products of national production is more than relevant for our enterprise. This is a question of the future fate not only of us, but also of the automotive industry in the country as a whole. It is a question not only of preserving existing jobs, but also of creating new ones. The implementation of the provisions of the bill will allow us to more effectively use the existing production facilities, introduce modernization of our production, expand the model range ", - said the workers of the Lutsk Automobile Plant.

Auto builders expressed the hope that the people's deputies will help the early passage of the draft Law of Ukraine No. 3739 "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Public Procurement "to create prerequisites for sustainable development and modernization of the domestic industry" and support him in the voting process. p>

Bogdan Motors employees noted that the adoption of this law will facilitate the loading of domestic production facilities. And this, in turn, will lead to the creation of new jobs at Ukrainian enterprises and will help to avoid the outflow of qualified workers, in particular engineers and designers abroad.

Recall that recently the automobile company "Bogdan Motors" supported the position of the Federation of Employers of the Automotive Industry of Ukraine, which provided comments and suggestions to the draft Laws of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine Concerning Streamlining the Structure of Excise Tax", "On Amending the Section XX "Final and Transitional Provisions" of the Customs Code of Ukraine regarding the import of vehicles into the customs territory of Ukraine ", prepared by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Maryan Zablotsky.

Earlier it was reported that the Kryukov Carriage Works (KVSZ) appealed to the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine with an open letter in which he accused the state leadership of delaying the implementation of the government decree on the localization of production in public procurement in the field of mechanical engineering, and also reported on the intensification of external confrontation between those interested in this persons.

“We demand to stop the destruction of the domestic industry to please importers, to put things in order in public procurement, which today does not take into account the potential of about 4,000 domestic enterprises - manufacturers of components or final products. Do not trust the newly-minted experts from the supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises - monopolists, acting against the interests of Ukraine, and give priority to Ukrainian-made products, ”the document published on the KVSZ website says.

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